Our Story

Who are these boss babes behind So Rah?


So Rah was made to express your voice through your accessories. As an outspoken, half-Hispanic, half-European, Los Angeles native with a fashion background, co-creating So Rah has been an inevitable experience for me. I’m a go-getter who is not afraid to express her opinion and that won’t ever change!
With my fashion marketing background, I’ve been all about creating color palettes, packaging, and marketing materials. I’m really excited about the range of products we’re working on! We really want to have products available to suit each individual.

I strive for a healthy lifestyle - practicing yoga, pilates and eating healthy. I love food, fashion and great conversations. I love being a new mom and my family.

​Hoping to uplift and help people rise, I do that through love, and building a family in my community. I find myself gravitating to empowering, loving, supporting, passionate, likeminded humans as myself.

My bracelet I wear on the daily is “LOVE” because with love all things are possible! I've also enjoyed giving bracelets to my friends with names of their new babies!


As a kid growing up in South Dakota, I was known in my neighborhood to collect and decorate rocks and sell them to my neighbors. Now I’m thrilled to apply my incessant need to create into making meaningful jewelry!

Combining my creative skills with entrepreneurship has been rewarding and educational. Any small business owner knows the hoops that need to be jumped through, and I’m enjoying the constant challenge and growth. It’s inspiring to look back on to-do lists from our early days to where we are today.

Lately, we’ve been on a huge push to ethically source and distribute our materials, researching eco-friendly packaging and supporting local small businesses. We’ve also cut ties with suppliers that support less than savory politics. So Rah has never been just an accessory, but a tool for encouragement, empowerment, and spreading love.

I’ve been loving our new astrological collection, as I think there has been a huge shift to appreciate the Earth and the energies of the universe.

What does "So Rah" mean?

We're glad you asked. Calling our company "So Rah" has a few different meanings for us. First, it's about being "raw." Being authentic and real throughout life, artistic expression, and in the materials we use. Secondly, our jewelry is meant to inspire & motivate. Kick cancer in the ass, persist in your goals, or smile at an inside joke. No matter what is on your braclet, we're rooting for you! RAH RAH RAH! (Get it?) Thirdly, Ra was the Egyptian sun god. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra was swallowed every night by the sky goddess, and was reborn every morning. As people who love adventures in the sun and glow at the full moon, the word 'Ra' just seems to resonate with us.